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А гражданство не сообщили!


He targeted a 32-year-old American man on the Kotzhugel, an infamous hill beside the beer tents where many drinkers go to sleep off a day's boozing.

The rapist, known only as Sergeii C due to German's strict privacy laws, was filmed by a pair of Spanish festival-goers though the footage was not made publicly available.

At first they thought he was robbing his sleeping victim during the attack at around 10pm on October 1 last year.

One of them told the court: 'He grabbed the victim in the leather pants at the front.

'We thought at first it was a robbery. But then he made clear movements that surprised us.'

The Ukrainian-born attacker confessed his crime in court but said he could not actually remember the incident.

He told the court: 'I had drunk at least six litres of beer. I cannot explain it to myself. I am not homosexual.'

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 Вот вам и Октоберфест. Итак, некий Сергей, про которого известно только, что он юрист и уроженец Украины, нажрался пивом и полез отсасывать у пьяного, спящего американца при всем европейском, толерантном народе. Проходящие испанцы сняли всё действо на видео. Другие тоже решили не мешать. Самое любопытное, что Сергей свое поведение объяснил обилием пива и зачем-то пояснил, что он не гомосексуалист.

51,2% жителей Франкфурта не являются немцами по происхождению.

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