kosarex (kosarex) wrote,

Тоже подходящая песенка по смыслу

i walked in the garden and what did i see?
fresh blood on some feathers and an old coyote
smiling and growling, looked straight in my eyes
said 'ask me no questions, i'll tell you no lies'

where did you come from? how long will you stay?
like a curious cat, i kept firing away
he had a great story , that much i could tell
he said, 'i am from heaven and i am from hell'

'for decades and decades i've hunted and roamed
but i go incognito no shape of my own
sometimes i am human and rather well known
sometimes i' m the whisper on your nights alone'

'i'll say,
can you see, it's not about hope, it's not about truth, don't be naive
so come dance with me, i'll keep you safe-give you all you can take-
i'll make you happy'

i spun on my heal and i ran toward the street
he was so close behind me i could hear his heart beat
i turned round to face him but he took to the sky
and a dozen old blackbirds started to cry
they said, 'ask him no questions, he'll tell you no lies'
they said, 'ask him no questions , he'll tell you no lies'

Мило, очень мило для знающих английский. Но Венди МакНил это персонаж мыльной оперы. Не задавайте актрисе вопросов, она не соврет вам про своё происхождение и откуда берет песенки.

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