kosarex (kosarex) wrote,

Польское движение за право женщин на аборт продолжается

It all started with a Constitutional Court ruling last month that abortions due to birth defects are unconstitutional -- a decision that would impose a near-total ban on terminations.

Кашу заварил Конституционный суд Польши. Он практически запретил аборты.

Suchanow said the objectives of the protest movement have widened to issues such as employment, education, culture and the role of Poland's powerful Catholic Church in society.

"People really want a separation between Church and State. They've had enough of the Church getting involved in every aspect of their lives," she said.

Дальше начались протесты и расширилась программа требований. Особо выделяется антикатолическое движение.

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